For bad girls 

Bad girls prefer only one game. And that game is played only with erotic lingerie.

  • Corsets

    The sexy corset has always been one of the issues that will get your attention.

  • Red bodystockings
    Red bodystockings

    Something for real dragon ladies. Erotic bodystockings have a charm in them that you will both feel.

  • Red nylons
    Red nylons

    If you have a fire of passion in you and you belong more to those action and confident types of women, Johny shop recommends something about your character and these are nylons in a bright red color.

  • Costumes - policewomen and devils
    Costumes - policewomen and devils

    A policewoman or a devil partner deserves both. If you know what it is meant.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 22 items

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