Aquarius represents the energy of originality, revolution and enlightenment in the horoscope. But love also requires a certain amount of originality, what do you say? A varied selection of sexy lingerie can help you with that originality. The sign of Aquarius is considered a sign of revolution and enlightenment in Astrology. But even in matters of eroticizm, it is not harmful to be exceptional, there is no doubt about that. And their partner figures it out very quickly. Especially if you show up to him in special underwear from Johny shop...:D.

  • Nylons

    In intellectual topics, you at home and like to enlighten others. You are very flatterd by the situation in which others consider you a role model. But do you offer any education to your partner? You are very sociable and you care about your friends, but sometimes you neglect the one who loves you, or it is possible that you are not honest enough with your partner. Aquarius is an air sign, so it happens that you work impersonally in your life. How you live with your partner is up to you, but you can fully enchant in the bedroom. Exciting nylons are a suitable tool for this.

  • Corsets

    Although you are a woman/girl, if you were born in the sign of Aquarius, male logic is closer to you than female sensitivity. This is due to the fact that Aquarius is one of the male signs in Astrology. Like, Libra, Gemini, Lions, Sagittarius and Aries. That means you have a trump card in your hand. You are a woman who can understand men. Not everyone can write. The question is how will you benefit from it in the sexual field. You can imagine how a man thinks and how he would like to enjoy you dressed. Probably the most interesting will be in a sexy corset. Do you want to try such a game?

  • Costumes

    You love your freedom and often worry about a lasting relationship. But whoever will win you will indeed receive a special treasure. A free-thinking and creative treasure. Playing roles, especiall in crazy situations, and eroticism is a crazy situation, you are doing great or you have not tried it that way and it will be your first time. Erotic costumes are made for it. However, the best way to find out is to try it.

  • Bathrobes

    Every woman likes to feel special with a bit of elegance. Sure, but for you it is mainly about elegance, which is typical for all the signs of the air element, but also about the ability to be different from others. In your case, the need to differentiate is really great. For this reason, some consider the sign of Aquarius to be weird. Do not anything about it. The point is, do you want to project this feature on your home wardrobe through a luxurious bathrobe.

  • Babydolls

    If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, you are practically approaching changes in your life. In your opinion, change simply belongs to life. Although you are more rationally based, it is good to play with changes in the area of passion, especially at night. A babydoll for a pleasant feeling or for grabbing your partner´s attention is a good type to diversity your feminity.

  • Panties

    The sign of Aquarius is considered a sign of transformation, change and new visions. But what about doing a transformation in a relationship? There are not many men who handle the nature of a woman in the sign of Aquarius, that is a fact. So it is up to you whether you want to spark and keep the relationship going or fly away somewhere else. Exciting sexy panties in relationship can be a good distraction, what do you say?

  • Garters

    The sign of Aquarius is categorized in Astrology as a solid sign, which means that you follow your dreams relentlessly and have the courage. Well, even getting into a relationship sometimes takes courage. You are not sure how much commitment and how much freedom you will have in such a relationship. You may be faced with the question of how to keep your partner dreaming only of you. Well, there are many options offered to you in this store. For example, such a garter with well-tuned nylons could work. But you have to test it in practice yourself.

  • Bodystockings

    Be free and sexy to know! But it never hurts to put a little revolutionary spirit into it. The point of bodystockings is to make your body even more exciting. Definitely the partner will appreciate it. As a woman in Aquarius, you have the problem that although you are kind-hearted, you often think only of yourself. It is true that in your case you think of yourself not of egoism but of your own freedom. But freedom also includes a good sex life. Try this time to please yourself and your partner something extra. Such as example bodystockings.

  • Knee-highs

    You know, you like to make yourself a madman a clown It is part of your rebelious nature. And epecially this behavior gives you a feeling of freedom. You know, you can also be crazy in the sexual area. Sure, costumes would fall into this category, but such knee-socs are also funny on the one hand and sexy on the other. What do you say?

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