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You are shy, but you definitely know what you want. And it does not take long and you will figure out how to do it. As for the relationship with men, you probably know how to play them so that they seduce you exactly according to your ideas. However, you certainly do not like vulgar and harsh types of men, but rather charming elegant. For love, you need someone with whom you can make a home. The sign of Cancer is a water sign and is therefore a sensitive sign with an emphasis on building family ties. You feel best at home and at home you can almost always get your partner attention. You gain the greatest strength at night because the sign of Cancer in Astrology is ruled by the Moon. You like to hide your privacy from the world. For example, how to hide your body from a partner in a luxurious bathrobe? And gradually, if he deserves it, let him reveal the whole thing to you. Are you taking such a game?

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