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You are very conceited and often feel that you know everything. The sign of Leo is even considered a royal sign in Astrology, so it is not surprising. In Astrology, they also rank among the naturally masculine signs, and therefore it is under this sign that women/warriors are born. Just look at actresses like Kate Beckinsale or Rhona Mitra. You are in the habit of being surrounded by people who admire you. The partner must be someone and, above all, he must be able to handle your strong temperament or even if he has a weaker nature, but he must be your admirer. You do not have problems in society, but in a relationship. In a situation like suddenly, your partner will start to feel the fifth wheel in the car. But understand one thing. It is the prerogative of a king, in your case a queen, not to exalt oneself to those closest to her, but to give them her kindness and feeling that they are important to you. In short, show your partner that you also have something to offer him. And what is more valuable than offering yourself, though? In the luxurious corset you give him what he has been dreaming about for so long and as far as you are concerned, you will also come to your own.

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