The sign of Libra is known for the task of balancing everything in the world, giving a fair, objective approach to everything, and turning everything that is too directed to one side, on the contrary, to balance things. This is how you conduct a conversation. As soon as someone holds an opinion, you need to present a counter-opinion as a counterweight. This is noble, but not very happy in a personal relationship. A partner will appreciate here and there if his partner agrees with him or joins him. Men are annoyed by women who are constantly waging opposition arguments with their partner. He is white, you are black. He is black, you are white and so endless. Try to think about it, explain to your partner that it is your nature and at the same time join the partner. The relationship is about compromises. And as long as it does not work or the partner is inaccessible to your explanation, there are still erotic costumes that can make your explanation a little easier.

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