For romance, the unforgettable. And luxury lingerie just belongs to the right romance. Ladies under the sign of Cancer are romantic and can even be dragons in special games. So, Johny shop cannot ignore this fact, so it has a lot to offer for those romantic dragons.

  • Nylons

    Maybe you have heard of yourself hypersensitive. Probably also from a partner. In all honesty, that is right. But there are areas where you can use your sensitivity to your advantage. For example, in choosing erotic lingerie. You need to feel like that! Sensitivity goes hand it hand with receptivity, imagination and good intuition. And you have it all. If you use your imagination and taste, your partner may eventually apologize for your criticizm.

  • Corsets

    Phew! So here are the pieces for a unique experience, the point of which is to get your partner in the knees, right, so you as a woman in the sign of Cancer probably have it easily handled. Just choose the right weapon. And one of the best weapons is a good erotic corset.

  • Bodystockings

    If you are a Cancer girl, you certainly like classic underwear like nylons or camisoles, but Johny shop wants to suggest something a little more eccentric. It is up to you.

  • Panties

    As a woman born under the Cancer, you like charming things. Women like you fit lace lingerie very well. And that is why Johny shop have something for you.

  • Garters

    You look like gentle lady to men, but you can also be bossy. You do not like uncertainty, and you resolve most conflicts through maternity, sensitivity and understanding. You like to instruct, but every time they are the people you care about. Men have the notion of women in the sign of Cancer that they are saints. Well, how do you put it. In passionate situations, you know how to play with a man. Actually, your strength lies in inconspicuousness. Sometimes you tend to choose younger partners to teach them. Like a good partner, a good garter must be chosen. Leave the space of your imagination and choose well.

  • Costumes

    If you were born in Cancer, you know that although many would not say it to you, you are a good actress. How about using this feature for irritating entertainment a partner? An erotic costume is a good idea to showcase your acting talent.

  • Bathrobes

    You are shy, but you definitely know what you want. And it does not take long and you will figure out how to do it. As for the relationship with men, you probably know how to play them so that they seduce you exactly according to your ideas. However, you certainly do not like vulgar and harsh types of men, but rather charming elegant. For love, you need someone with whom you can make a home. The sign of Cancer is a water sign and is therefore a sensitive sign with an emphasis on building family ties. You feel best at home and at home you can almost always get your partner attention. You gain the greatest strength at night because the sign of Cancer in Astrology is ruled by the Moon. You like to hide your privacy from the world. For example, how to hide your body from a partner in a luxurious bathrobe? And gradually, if he deserves it, let him reveal the whole thing to you. Are you taking such a game?

  • Babydolls

    If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this sign is ruled by the Moon, and therefore you know how to get your partner with your "monthly" charm and make it where you want it to be. But that means you can enjoy the magic of the night and that is why Johny shop have an assortment of shirts that will give you a pleasant  monthly feeling.

  • Knee-highs

    Throwing a hoof like restless girl in sexy knee-higs is not bad idea for woman in Cancer sign! It is clear that in society you act as a lady, in exceptional situations it may be otherwise.

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