The sign of Leo is the bearer of royal character. Well, if you were born in the sign of Leo, here are some suggestions sexy lingerie, thanks to which you will become a queen of love and passion for your partner. Ladies under the sign of Leo can be called the queens of the zodiac. Charming, punchy and must be what they want...:D. Johny shop understands that even the queen needs pleasure in the bedroom, so this selection presents a wide range of what fits the queen in her wardrobe and will serve for games full of passion.

  • Nylons
  • Corsets

    You are very conceited and often feel that you know everything. The sign of Leo is even considered a royal sign in Astrology, so it is not surprising. In Astrology, they also rank among the naturally masculine signs, and therefore it is under this sign that women/warriors are born. Just look at actresses like Kate Beckinsale or Rhona Mitra. You are in the habit of being surrounded by people who admire you. The partner must be someone and, above all, he must be able to handle your strong temperament or even if he has a weaker nature, but he must be your admirer. You do not have problems in society, but in a relationship. In a situation like suddenly, your partner will start to feel the fifth wheel in the car. But understand one thing. It is the prerogative of a king, in your case a queen, not to exalt oneself to those closest to her, but to give them her kindness and feeling that they are important to you. In short, show your partner that you also have something to offer him. And what is more valuable than offering yourself, though? In the luxurious corset you give him what he has been dreaming about for so long and as far as you are concerned, you will also come to your own.

  • Bodystockings

    You may not be a queen in real life, but you could be in that sex life. Understand that in order for your partner to have you as his queen, you do not need a crown on your head, but something special for yourself! Why bodystockings? Try and understand.

  • Costumes
  • Panties
  • Garters
  • Knee-highs

    You like to choose the type of partner who will admire you. You know what your advantages are and do not be ashamed to use them. Women in the sign of Leo are already like that. You look charming and have a sense of generosity. The sign of the Leo is one of the signs of fire, so you have no problem asserting yourself in life. However, the question is whether you can succed with your partner! Sexy knee-socs are quite suitable for your fiery nature.

  • Bathrobes

    Like a Capricorn or Scorpio woman, you like luxury. But it is not luxury of you "I am mysterious." No, you want to show up, you want to be seen, even celebrated. But the night is about hiding and mystery, so what about it? Anyway, Johny shop would have something for you to shine with at night. A luxury bathrobe is the right choice in this case because such a bathrobe always about a certain secret and at the same time with its special meaning also about showing off.

  • Babydolls

    The sign of Leo is characterized by the ability to shine, lead and assert oneself. It is caused by the Sun, which in Astrology rules the sign of Leo. Of course, with that comes the threat of arrogant behavior, so watch out for it. It can be said that despite everything, you can mask your mistakes with your charisma. This is a really good feature. You want to look really good in public, so you have a talent for choosing clothes for the night. Well, you may not hear the crowds at night, but you can be happy with yourself. Alternatively, your partner will also appreciate you. Such a babydoll can be an intereting addition to your wardrobe. 

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